Training Courses and Seminars

We want to share our knowledge and pass it on via our experts, who deliver training courses and seminars. These are aimed at dealers, buyers, contractors, architects, foremen, planners, and anyone else who works in our field. Our German-language training courses and seminars are available throughout the German-speaking region. Generally speaking, we offer training on the following subjects: sealing, sealing with seam sheets, spacers, fastening technology, fire protection, precast factory technology, the principles of use of steel-reinforced concrete with spacers, formwork spacers, formwork technologies, regulations and directives applicable to spacers, water-tight pipe openings, the use of fabric hoses and exposed concrete cones.

We deliver our training courses both at our premises and locally at our clients’ premises, either as part of an event or as a stand-alone service. What matters to us, however, is not just communicating our expertise to you in presentations, but also giving you enough time to ask our experts any questions you may have. This is also the ideal opportunity to establish networks. At the end, each participant will receive a certificate confirming they have completed the course successfully. The relevant data and presentation will be available in the cloud, so you can access it at any time.

Training courses customized to clients’ individual requirements can also be arranged. Contents and dates can be coordinated with your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more, just get in touch!

Dipl.-Ing. Samuel Seiler
Phone +49 2324 9046-493