The Company

The Company

Focus on people

At Reuss-Seifert, we take our responsibilities - both to our staff and the environment - very seriously. We achieve the best results together and with sustainable solutions. We firmly believe this, and this is the credo behind our company’s development. For us, the focus is on every individual.


Everything we do is inspired by the concept of sustainability. It represents a fundamental element of our corporate strategy. For us, this means integrating not only economic, but also ecological considerations into our company’s development and the development of new products. To help us do this, we use a 360-degree approach to our added value and production chains, since it is here especially that performance can be improved and their fitness for the future strengthened. And all this without losing sight of our responsibility to the environment.


Avoiding waste and recycling are standard activities at Reuss-Seifert. It saves money for everyone, and helps the environment. This is why, at Reuss-Seifert, numerous products are made from up to 98% recycled plastic. High safety standards, strict environmental guidelines, and short pathways allow us to deliver quality that impresses.


At Reuss-Seifert, we favor dialog and commitment. In fact, both are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Accordingly, we are also actively involved in various local projects and cooperation agreements, since we prefer to fulfill our responsibilities in actions, not just words. Ongoing dialog, not only with staff but also with clients and decision-makers, is a natural part of what we do. A high degree of transparency is essential for this constructive dialog and process.


As a manufacturing company, we take responsibility for the health of all and we endeavor to use as little PVC as possible in the manufacture of our plastic products, since their production can generate substances that are harmful to health. We have marked our plastic products that are manufactured without the use of PVC for you with a special icon.