Modern high performance with tradition

Competence, and leadership rooted in a more than 100-year history, which began in 1957 in Wuppertal. Our sales department operates globally. Europe is our core market whilst Germany stays our home.


The sales company Reuß was founded to market the products manufactured by Breuer & Dausend plastic spacers.


Late 1980s

Acquisition of Gebr. Seifert GmbH & Co (1906), producer of steel respectively plastic spacers for concrete construction and building profiles.



Merger of the production companies with the company Reuß, to become Reuß GmbH & Co. KG. The spectrum of the 250 employee strong company now includes spacers, sealing, fixing and formwork technology.



Merger of the Reuß GmbH & Co. KG and the Seifert GmbH into the Syncotec GmbH, retaining the brands of Reuß and Seifert equally.


The Syncotec GmbH ist transferred into the Real Estate Holding, and the legal entity of the current REUSS-SEIFERT GmbH, headquarted in Sprockhövel, is established. The production locations in Germany and abroad remain.



Under the umbrella of CRH, REUSS-SEIFERT starts operating with construction foil manufacturer Hammerl.



AURELIUS Group has acquired REUSS-SEIFERT and Hammerl from CRH. The portfolio of AURELIUS Group now comprises 25 companies with 3.0 bn in sales.


REUSS-SEIFERT enters into cooperation with Squareone GmbH, agency for Strategic Product and Innovation Development, as well as with professor Trauernicht.